Are there any dues or other charges?
No — there is never a charge. We do accept donations, which are tax deductible, to help support our effort, but no payment is necessary in order to attend or participate in our meetings.

My child was an adult. Can I still attend meetings?
Yes — we believe our children will always be our children regardless of age.

Will I have to talk at meetings?
No — we understand how difficult it is for some newly bereaved to talk about their grief. You can simply listen if that is what you want to do. We are here to support you through this most difficult time.

Does TCF have any religious affiliation?
No — TCF has no religious affiliations. However, some members find their religious faith to be a source of strength.

May I come with my husband/wife?
Yes — husbands and wives grieve differently. It's helpful to hear how other couples deal with these differences.

May I bring a friend with me?
Yes — but we do ask that they, as well as all members, respect each other's privacy and confidentiality.

We are non-judgmental regardless of how your child died. We respectfully expect that all conversations and discussions will be kept in our meeting and not discussed outside of our group.

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